Bigger pieces of work from stock; prices as listed

Working mainly to commission I don't carry a large stock of work, but I do always like to have a project on the go of my own design.

My most recent piece of work.
I have made lots of human figures and have recently been using flat strips bent along their edge more and more in my work. I like the bold flowing lines created and they way they change shape viewed from different angles. here is a life sized male figure made using this technique using a few simple rules. All of the lines are straight viewed on edge and curved from the side. All of the welds (well most of them) are at 90 degrees, the lines are all parallel and symetrical. Made from 20x5mm mild steel strip. Possibly the most difficult thing I have ever made. Needs scaling up. Priced at £4500.
First image shows 3/4 profile.

Next image shows his front view, illustrating the straight and parallel lines involved.

Side view during construction, not a bad physique. His backside has received favourable comments.

Detail of his head from the side.
A very difficult job.

Here is a recent project, based on a Brent Goose coming in to land on its winter migration. Dimensions 2.7m wingspan, mounted on a tall pylon and have it able to rotate to face into the wind. Overall height 3.3m
First image shows Goosey suspended on skyhooks before mounting.
Priced at £3700 including the tower.
I can remove the mountings and set her up to be suspended as in the first photo if desired. Price £2500 without the tower


Next picture shows her on top of the tower against the sky


The last image shows the structure of the tower, shot from a lower perspective.


Red Deer
Inspired by the use of simple bold lines in Neolithic cave paintings, made in mild steel strip, height around 1.2m. Can be resized and I am happy to look at other species. £450.00 each.

The Frog Prince,  In 2012 Prince Charles had a new species of frog named after him, Hyloscirtus Princecharlesi. I was intrigued by the patterning on it's back which led this experiment in shape and pattern. approx 1.2m long price £2500

An amazingly robust structure that allows it to be used as an original garden seat.


Wye Valley Viewed from Symonds Yat Rock

I have made a series of screens in this style based on views chosen by my customers, this one is a favourite but is still up for sale.Diameter 1.8m.
Typical price around £1800 at this size. I can make other sizes and shapes on demand


 Steam Punk styleLamp.

I moved recently and needed a statement lamp for my front room. I 'acquired' an insulator off an electricity pylon. I was looking to make something with a Victorian or scientific style to it thinking of Nikola Tesla. Technically not for sale but I could make another.


Chain Male and Chain Girl

Fabricated out of small steel rings; inspired initially by the cover of Germain Greer's 'female Eunuch' I have made a full torso in this style. Both are wearable if the urge takes you. £1100 each.


Welsh Dragon

Approximately 1.2m long, has stainless steel mounts to avoid rust streaks on walls.
Sold but can be remade



This lady has been sat around for a while now. She could do with a new home approx 90cm tall. £450.00


Edo Era Crow Screen

Inspired by a screen lampooning the Imperial Court in Edo era Japan. it reminds me of my old job and the constant bickering in meetings. 2.8m x1.2m free standing but can be converted to wall mounting. Plasma cut from mild steel.

 This is my current stock of larger works, I am happy to make pieces similar in style. 



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