Garden sculpture and other large pieces of sculpture available for sale.

Items sold recently are at the bottom of the page

Pieces of new sculpture for sale. These pieces are all available for delivery now.

SteamPunk style lamp.

I recently moved house and needed a lamp for a corner.

I looked at what was available and decided to make myself one. A friend found an insulator off a pylon in a field. I am a bit of a scientist and quite like the steam punk style, mixing pseudo science with victorian aesthetics. I wanted something that would look like a scientific instrument with an element of danger attached to it. Job on.

This is what I ended up with. Perfect


The lamp stands around 1.3m tall. This model is not really for sale, but ask me nicely if you are interested. Priced at £1200. I am researching the availability of more of the insulators.


Radiolarian 3

A kinetic sculpture based on the silica skeletons of Radiolarians, the single celled plankton that are in effect the lungs of our planet. Inspired by the drawings of Ernst Haeckel.

This is made of rusted mild steel diameter around 1.5m and stands about 1.8m tall. it pivots on a maintenance free ball and socket joint. In very light winds say about 2mph it slowly revolves with a nice weightless looking wobble. I was after this movement to imply a sense of it floating.

The base is inspired by the flat worms that live in the oceans, and has been rusted since the photo was taken. Youtube clip below  On the day the wind was about 3mph. Soundtrack by Public Image songbirds and the farm cockerel. The sculpture is for sale at £1200.00. This piece is sold but I am happy making similar items


I am happy making larger and smaller versions I also like the idea of making a similar one with shiny zinc plated sails that would sparkle in the sun.

The Frog Prince

In 2012 Prince Charles had a new species of frog named after him, Hyloscirtus princecharlesi

frog sculpture 

I liked the picture and stuck it on my wall as a reminder early in 2013 I was inspired to get hi made. I used 8mm mild steel bar in a mix of small rings and wiggly bits to suggest the pattern in the original.

frog sculpture 

Here is a detail shot of the surface. A monumental pain to make but I got exactly the effect I was looking for. Dimensions approx 1.6m long weight about 40kg

metal sculpture 

The Frog Prince is for sale at £3200.00


This is my first pure abstract sculpture, inspired by a small offcut of scrap I found under my workbench.

abstract metal sculpture 

A deceptively simple form made up of concentric circles falling outwards from a common centre that manages to look change form from different perspectives. In the first view the interlacing effect is reminiscent of a Lotus flower opening.

garden sculpture 

Made in 13mm mild steel and 1m in diameter. This sold recently £900.00. I am keen to make larger and smaller sculptures in this style.

Wall Mounted Lizard

Measured 120cm from nose to tail, mounts to the wall via small lugs concealed in his feet, he will be supplied Zinc plated for a shiny silver finish.

Lizard sculpture 

Lizard sculpture is for sale at £400.00 and can be scaled up or down to suit your needs

Welsh Dragon

Size 1.1m long made in mild steel with detail applied using a Mig welder, stands about 3" clear of the wall.

Welsh Dragon sculpture 

Modelled on a traditional Welsh Dragon, at present unfinished he could be rusted or powder coated red with pinstriping in black to highlight the lines. A must have for Cardiff City fans. For sale at £550.00 uncoated. For powder coating and pinstriping add another £50.00. Below is a detail shot of his head. This sculpture can be scaled up or down to suit your needs and can be wall mounted, free standing or built into a gate etc.

Welsh dragon sculpture 


Chain Male

I have recently developed a new style of working new style in which I use lots of small metal rings to build up a structure. This is a life sized male torso, initially I just made the front as a wall hanging, then found it fitted well as a possible garment. First picture shows Chain Male on his plinth, the plinth is made of sandstone and he is detachable from it for transport. He stands about 90cm tall. He is in a natural rusted finish. He is for sale at £950.00

male torso sculpture 


I have also made a Chain male as a wall hanging I confess to having tried it on and found it fitted perfectly. An idea I could be persuaded to take further. If you are interested in wearable versions please contact me directly. The wall hanging version is for sale at £650.00

wall mounted sculpture person 



I have also made him a girlfriend,  Chain Girl.

She is made to be wall mounted but I could make a full torso on request. Here she is in a polished finish.

She has a coat hanger style mount that allows her to taken down and handled. I can either supply a hook to hand the coat hanger off or weld on a permanent fixing

Reminiscent of Germain Greers  60's feminist text 'The Female Eunuch'. Chain Girl is for sale at £650.00

female sculpture

I am interested in making a full body in this style, please contact me for more details. Chaingirl has a fairly petite figure, if desired I can make her a sister with a fuller figure.

 Finally a picture of the happy couple. I like the idea of these figures representing the 'suits' we put on fulfill the roles we adopt as we  go about our daily business, that we then take off and discard when we get home, whether grown up work suit, party suit, parent suit etc.

human figure sculptures. 

These figures could also make excellent high end mannequins for display purposes.

View From Symonds Yat Rock.

A garden screen based on the celebrated view from Symonds Yat rock looking upstream towards Ross on Wye. The scree is 1.8m in diameter and is made of rusted mild steel and can be dismounted for shipping purposes. It could also make a striking wall mounted sculpture. The trees are cut by hand using a plasma cutter

garden screen

 A recent development in these screens is making them three dimensional, I have started layering the elements to give a feeling of depth, you can just see it on the trees. Here is a detail shot to show this effect.

garden sculpture 

Here is a picture from the back showing how much of the sky can be seen through the cutouts on the trees.

garden sculpture 

This screen is for sale at £1850.00. I am happy to make other pieces in this style based on photographs or paintings and drawings.

Really The Blues.

A sculpture based on the Jazz Bad Boy tenor Saxophonist Milton 'Mezz' Mezrow. He led a hooligan lifestyle and seems to have been written out of jazz history.

Hung out and played with Louis Armstrong and company. Read his Biography 'Really the Blues' the funniest music biography I have ever read. Stands 1.8m tall made in oxidised mild steel.

Music sculpture 

Really The Blues was sold  at £1150.0 but again I am happy to make other pieces in this style. See also his friend Pure Lightnin' based on blues singer Lightnin' Hopkins, these are samples feel free to contact me if you have a different figure in mind.



 Edo Era Crow screen.

A large piece of sculpture based on a celebrated set of screens from the Edo Era in Japan, when the Shogun's were handing power back to the Emperor. The screen is a lampoon on the courtiers at the time with each crow representing a specific courtier. Note how there are the fighters, squabblers, hangers on, hystericals, typical of crowd behaviour, and of course the couldn't care less guys on the periphery. The artist cleverly stayed anonymous. The screen is cut by hand using a plasma cutter from a single sheet of steel measuring 2.4x1.25m, and stands 1.2m above the floor. It dismantles for transport. Cost £1850.00. The screen can also be modified for installation on a wall as a Shadow Caster.

 Crow sculpture

 Edo Era Crow screen.

A large piece of sculpture based on a celebrated set of screens from the Edo Era in Japan, when the Shogun's were handing power back to the Emperor. The screen is a lampoon on the courtiers at the time with each crow representing a specific courtier. Note how there are the fighters, squabblers, hangers on, hystericals, typical of crowd behaviour, and of course the couldn't care less guys on the periphery. The artist cleverly stayed anonymous. The screen is cut by hand using a plasma cutter from a single sheet of steel measuring 2.4x1.25m, and stands 1.2m above the floor. It dismantles for transport. Cost £1850.00. The screen can also be modified for installation on a wall as a Shadow Caster.

 Crow sculpture


Chinese Money plant,

So named after the shape and fecundity of the seed heads, a sign of good luck if the windblown seeds take root in your garden

plant sculpture

The seed body is made of a mild steel ball and the seeds them selves are made of 1 penny coins. Each seed head is around 70cm in diameter.

 The bars and balls will rust while the coins will retain their natural colour. I have been in touch with The Royal Mint regards making these and there is no danger of a visit to The Tower of London

plant sculpture

Here is another image of a single seed head against the sky

metal sculpture

The Chinese Money plant heads are £180.00 each, and the stems come off for transport. Mounting is best done at home, a simple log with holes drilled it does the job perfectly, I can provide this service if needed.

Another frosty shot

garden sculpture 

 The next thing with these is to make them able to spin in the wind and perhaps make larger versions


A sculpture of a woman doing yoga, measuring 70cm tall. She has been allowed to go rusty, if wanted I can polish ad lacquer her for a shinier finish. She is priced at £400, I can make other yoga style poses if desired, contact me to discuss your needs.

Yoga Sculpture

I was recently asked to make a Giants Key for a theme park, everybody liked it so much I had to make another one. Made in mild steel with a rusted finish it is 2.6m (8ft) long. Who knows what secrets it might unlock. If wanted I could make a wall mounted lock surround to go with it. For sale at £650. A striking addition to a garden or space.





Giant leaf trellis to support climbers, also works as a sculpture in it's own right. This version is based on a Beech leaf, I can make other leaves on request. This one measures 2.5m tall, they can be scaled up or down on request.

Garden trellis 

Beech Leaf Trellis for sale at £550.00


Red Kite.

A life sized sculpture of a Redkite, probably Britain's most glamorous bird with a wingspan of 2m, a good centre point for a open garden, can also be wall mounted. The bird can be removed from the stand for transportation purposes. At this size the Redkite is for sale at £650.00, I can make these smaller or larger, prices on application. I can also make other birds in this style.




The Sculptures below are all sold, I can look at making replicas or pieces similar, feel free to contact me for more information.


Radiolarian Sculpture

Made July 2012, inspired by Ernst Haeckel's amazing plankton drawings from the late 19th century. Some of the earliest anatomical drawings of microscopic life, based on the silica skeleton of a single celled plant. It stands 2.5m tall, and is made of rusted mild steel. it pivots on a simple ball and socket joint and is able to spin and wobble round a central axis.

Plankton sculpture 

Another picture of the Radiolarian spinning

Kinetic sculpture 

 I have engineered it so that it is impossible for it to fall off the mount. Here is a Youtube clip of the Radiolarian performing, watch how the shadow seems to reverse it's direction.

Sold August 2013

Owls Sculpture

Simple semi abstract sculptures of Owls, I have made three of them, 2m, 1.3m and 90cm tall. I can easily make them any size to suit. They are a very simple design, from the front they look completely abstract, then from the side they appear two dimensional and from an angle the become a three dimensional structure. These three have been hot dip galvanized to give a durable silver finish, I can also supply them in a plain rusted finish. The first view shows them from the side. These can also be painted to suit your needs.

owls sculpture 

Then we have a front view showing the completely abstract view.
owl sculpture 

And a three quarter front view showing the three dimensional view.

metal sculpture 

Prices for Owl Sculptures. 2m tall, £600.00, 1.3m tall £300.00, 90cm £200.00. Price is for a plain steel finish, for galvanized add on £40.00 to the larger one and £30.00 to the smaller one.
All three sold summer 2013, replicas can be made

A recent piece, a 2m tall sculpture of a Dolphin in rusted lacquered mild steel.

Dolphin sculpture 

 A detail image of the tail fin.

dolphin sculpture 

The Dolphin is sold but I am able to make others, and scale it up or down, at this size, 2m tall it would be £1900.

Seahorse sculpture

Completed January 2010

A sculpture of a seahorse in mild steel, measuring 2.5m (8ft) tall, mounted on a small stable base that can be concreted or bolted to the ground. I picture it in a final setting with small grasses or flowers concealing the base.

The Seahorse has been polished and lacquered to give a hard wearing irridescent bronzey finish


seahorse sculpture 

Here we have a detail shot of the Seahorse's head. In these photos the rusting process has only just started. The Seahorse sculpture is for sale at £2850.00


Adderbolt II, based on a Dragonfly, the name is the Old English name for a Dragonfly. This measures 1.6m wide by 1.2m long (5ft x 4ft). he is only just finished, photographed mounted on the wall of my workshop and on the floor. he is presently mounted via a pair of hooks, these would be replaced by concealed secure moutings, I can also supply a stand to give an impression of flight. This sculpture is made of rusted mild steel for the body with wings in non rusting stainless steel, a very striking look. Priced at £950.00. Sold September 2015

dragonfly sculpture


The second photo shows Adderbolt perched on a surface, a more likely mount, you can also see how he is balance to leave the front half of the body clearof the surface, which would allow him to project over the side of a pond.
garden sculpture

The next garden sculpture is a model of a Sun Fish, a fish found in the West Atlantic, in reality these are around 25cm long and are bright red in colour. This version measures 2.5m long by 1.6m tall, and sold at £1250.00. I always have a similar sculpture in stock as I enjoy making these

fish sculpture 

Sculpture of  Saddle Diatom, these are some of the single celled plants called phytoplankton that are in effect the lungs of out planet. This is a strange piece of sculpture, see from the series of images below how it changes shape from different angles. This is the first piece in a series of planned works exploring the microscopic world. This piece of sculpture has been rusted, polished and lacquered to give a hardwearing finish to live out of doors. It is mounted on a simple stand.

metal sculpture 

garden sculpture


The Diatom sculpture is sold, I could conceivably make another, though I have forgotten how it was made.

 Here we have a sculpture of Farmer Palmer saying ''Git orrff moi laaand'' made out of motorcycle chain and old tools, he stands about 4ft tall and is for sale at £380.00. He is sold but I can make similar pieces  Note to the Biker community I am happy to make sculptures out of materials supplied by you guys, contact me for details, I know how attached we get to old bits of our bikes. I can see these making great custom show/rally prizes or even memorials.

biker sculpture 


The next sculpture is titled "I Am Become Death The Destroyer of Worlds" A model of Lord Vishnu in his four armed form.

This was inspired by me seeing the chilling film of Edward Oppenheimer describing his reaction to 'Trinity' the first atom bomb explosion at Los Alamos see atached Utube video clip.                  scary stuff.

He stands 1m tall and is made in overwelded mild steel, currently uncoated. He is for sale at £1250.00

 Vishnu sculpture

His hand positions are based on the traditional Hindu 'Durba's in which the arrangement of the fingers makes a statement. More information to follow. Note the fine detail in the fingers.

human sculpture

He is standing on three balls supporting a half ball, representing worlds upon worlds. As well as being a stable base.

Vishnu sculpture

If you like anything that you see anywhere on my website but want something similar or completely diferent contact me and I am sure I can make something to suit.

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