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I was looking for lighting for my refurbished kitchen and once again after looking at was available commercially I was left thinking I could do better myself.

Initially I was initially making my own light fittings but realised that they would work well in more public environments such as offices, corporate spaces, bars and clubs etc.

What I wanted was a set of  moveable spotlights, with a minimalist design and dimmer switches. I also wanted designs that would work almost as sculptures in their own right, something to admire even when it is not being used.


Eventually I came up with my own design which I have called the Rollerball lamp.

The balls are 100mm in diameter and the outer ring is 900mm diameter, and the balls are positioned 40mm from the ceiling. Both of these dimensions can be customized to suit your needs.

The balls are free to move around the cage and can be pivoted in any direction.

designer spot lamps

The central hub fitting can be custom designed, a more simple hemisphere for example would work well.
The light fits well into any room in the house, this example now lives in my kitchen.  Note how with the low stack height I have managed to install a large lighting fixture into a room with a low ceiling without cramping things.

bespoke kitchen lighting

The components are all waxed for durability, which preserves the industrial look and avoids the shiny over clinical look so common on metal lighting installations. They can also be clear powder coated, or even coated in a colour to suit a customers needs. Metallic finishes and even 'chrome' style are available

The lamps are all standard 5w GU10 bulbs which are readily available.
They are wired using modern 'Edison' style cloth covered wire to avoid ugly plastic coated wires all over the place. I think if you cant conceal a construction technique it's bet to make a feature of it like this.
All lights are PAT tested before shipping

cool lighting

Rollerball lamp is available to order for £750. I can customise the dimensions and centre fitting. I could add more light units if needed.
The style could also be adapted in shape eg to make a continuous run along a wall, or a sweeping curve.

I could, for example see a linear rail styled version of this structure working well along a bar or kitchen wall


Almost anything is possible feel free to contact me to discuss your needs.

The next product is the Spyball lamp
I needed a free standing lamp for a corner, again I wanted adjustability and a sense of my own style. This time I was looking for a mix of Steampunk and 1930's SciFi design, and maybe a hint of H G wells.
I came up with a simple design using linked rings to make a backbone with another caged ball on the top.

On this light the ball is 130mm in diameter, the lamp stands 1.7m tall. Extra height is no problem if needed.
Again wired using 'Edison' style wire for a retro look.
The lamp works effectively both in uplighter and downlighter modes and is fitted with a 5w GU10 bulb and can have a dimmer switch if needed. Shown here operating in both uplighter and downlighter modes
Spyball lamp is available to order for £650.00

standard lamp
free standing lamp

Spyball lamp has a junior brother ideal for table and desktops.
This time using an 80mm diameter ball and small rings. Shown here in my home office corner.
It takes up almost no desktop space, and integrates well with the PC screen, it stands 1m tall and projects 400mm out from the wall. These dimensions can easily be tailored to your needs .

Desktop Spyball is available for £400

office lamp
cool lighting

All of these designs can be customised, the lamp head is capable of being wall mounted I think pretty much anything is possible. I do have a few more designs in the pipeline
Feel free to contact me to discuss ideas

My Tesla Light is a freestanding up lighter, with a steam punk theme; inspired by 19th century maverick scientist Nikola Tesla and his pioneering work on electricity. It is made out of a large ceramic insulator and stands 1.3m tall. It is meant to look like a dangerous piece of scientific equipment. In fact perfectly harmless and stands on a stable tripod base. It works well as a stand alone piece of art when not in use as a light. it is what you might call a high impact piece of furniture, it does get a great response from visitors
I am hoping to source a variety of these insulators. I could see these working well both in the home and in commercial environments such as pubs and bars. This example is in my home.
Priced at £1100 it would be a reluctant sale.

custom lighting
designer lighting uplighter

This is an introduction to my work in lighting, there are more designs in development and I am happy to work on completely bespoke installations.

075905 80853

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