Garden screens and signs by artinsteel

These can work as privacy screens and make a feature of hiding something from view eg driveways or plain walls.
They can be fabricated either from steel sheet or from round and flat bars or a mix of both techniques. They can also be made as a 'feature fence' making a form of sculpture out of a necessity.
Pretty much any theme can be used in this type of work on a large or small scale

The first collection was installed to screen off a domestic driveway from a feature pond. The customer wanted to feature the newts that had colonized the pond, the main brief was for something 'Big and Bold'. I think the objective has been achieved.
The fantastic reflections were an unexpected bonus.

This collection is all plasma cut freehand out of sheet steel, each panel measure 2.6m x1.3m.

garden screen
outdoor screen
privacy screen

Big and Bold indeed.

Then I needed to replace a frankly hideous concrete balustrade in my garden. I chose to use my paragliding hobby as the theme and then used bamboo to hide the clutter behind them. Images based on my photos of flying in the Alps and South Wales.
This pair are fabricated out of flat steel bars bent to shape over full sized drawings to get the lines right.
Each panel is about 1.4m long.

ornamental fence
feature fence

The next one is based on a classic view along the Wye Valley, the customer wanted to be reminded of home and supplied s photograph to work from. Made using a mix a mix of plasma cut sheet steel and bent bars to give the strong lines. Measures 1.8m diameter

decorative garden screen

A screen based on a piece of classic Japanese art, a screen lampooning the Imperial Court during the reign of The Shoguns. Each crow was based on a specific courtier. The artist was 'disappeared' and all but one of the screens was destroyed. Measures 2.8x 1.4m.
I have this example i stock and it is for sale priced at £1800

garden screen

Lastly I was asked to design a sign to go on the Start of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.
I figured it would be a good idea to integrate the sign into the view. So I used the sign to frame the elements of the landscape.
Far more satisfying to look at then the normal thing inflicted on the countryside in beauty spots

An idea I would love to use again, this could work well in either a rural or urban landscape.
Made of a mix of plasma cut and fabricated components, measures about 3m x1.6m.

decorative outdoor screen