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Wall climbers and small human figures
These started as maquettes for larger sculptures and took on a life of their own.
They are welded up from steel bar with the tiny hands brazed onto them using a contrasting brass filler rod, fiddly but aesthetically satisfying.

wall climber sculpture

Initially based on the antics of free climbers.
The small figures above around 300mm tall start at £65.00 each The example above is the very first one of these made to support a lamp.

Then they really started to climb
The collection below was made for a family of Freeclimbers from Colorado and is based on their own photos.
A great way to preserve memories

climber sculptures

They soon grew larger.
The mid sized version around 750mm is £95.00 the life version on the right more complex structure comes in around £125.00.
I can see these making great additions to climbing walls and climbing centres or outdoor pursuits shops.

wall climber sculpture
climber sculpture large

Then they discovered music and other activities, these figures can be made in pretty much any pose, if you have any fresh ideas please contact me.
The Ukelele Banjo and Trumpet players below were made to commission stand around 300mm tall and cost £90.00 each.

banjo sculpture
trumpet player sculpture

I am happy to make these to commission please contact me for details

They also make great mobile phone holders, inspired by my losing my phone umpteen times a day in the studio

mobile phone holder
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