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Sculpture the human form
Since starting out in sculpture I have made works based on the human form.
I have always kept these very simple; working almost as sketches or line drawings. I find no need for fussy details as these can often distract from the finished work

Image below shows a collection of climbers I made for an American Family of free climbers; based on photo's of Dad and his two sons. These are now climbing around their kitchen in Colorado.
A fun project.

At this scale; around 300mm tall they come in at £65.00 each.

Initially I started making simple stick figures, based on climbers, these then started learning new skills. These are around 300mm tall priced at around £65.00 each depending on spec.
I keep a few in stock and can quickly make custom versions to order

These can also be scaled up to any size you like, price depending on spec again.

climbers sculpture

Here are two musical versions of these guys; one  on the trumpet (300mm tall) and a scaled up version  made as a memorial for an Australian Guitarist.
I am happy making these to commission, contact me for more details.

trumpet player sculpture
guitarist sculpture

I have also made more complex figures using a lattice structure. I have made many many of these from about 1m tall to 2.3m tall. At adult size price is around £1100. I make these to order though I do currently have a guitarist keeping me company at work. The jazz band was a favourite commission, these were 2.6m tall. There is also a jazz quintet and pair of tennis players in Los Angeles.
These are mostly rusted but can be made in Stainless Steel for an extra charge.
These are just a couple of images to give an idea of what can be done.
Pretty much anything is possible.

human figures sculpture

|Here is another larger than life figure; Longbow Man, 2.6m tall. He is now firing arrows across the border into England from Scotland.

sculpture commission

A few years ago I was asked to make a collection of figures based on the drawings of L S Lowrie for a school.

Part of the brief was keeping the cost per unit down to give as large a collection as possible within a budget
I suggested that the school children take over the design and send me drawings and ideas. We had some fabulous results. These included 'Boy on Skateboard', 'Old Lady with shopping', 'Angry man on his phone' and a host of others. These are priced from £450 depending on spec. The figures in the photos have been galvanized for a long lasting finish.
I can see these making great additions to public spaces, they were also intended to be proof against 'Environmental factors' such as bored teenagers.

public sculpture commission

Another style I have dabbled in involves making a structure of welded steel; a technique I call 'Overwelding' this gives an organic looking skin of melted metal. A horrible process to do but it gives great results. The smaller figure is still available for £450.00, he stands around 500mm tall

metal art
welded steel sculpture

Another figure in a similar style. Farmer Palmer, in memory of the farmers who chased me off their land as a child yelling 'Git orrf  Moi Laaaaand'. Sold but can be remade for around £550.

steel sculpture

As seen elsewhere on my site there are the Chain Male and Chain girl figures.
These can be custom made to order. I use shop mannequins as moulds to make the forms. It has been suggested that they could make eye catching display units for fashion shops. Another idea is that I could custom make them from plaster moulds of the subjects.
They are also wearable which as another dimension to their display.

Pictures below show Chain Male in his full torso form, made as a commission rusted to look as though recently excavated from Greek ruins; and Chain Girl polished for a life indoors.
The basic versions are available to order for £1100.

human torso sculpture
female metal sculpture

This page gives an introduction to my work on the human form. I am always happy to look at new ideas and develop my work.

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