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When I first started sculpting I was using the materials I had easy access too.
Namely a huge pile of dead bicycle components and found that they lent themselves to making small dragons and critters

This work developed into Steam Punk style, probably influenced by a lot of 60's Victorian SciFi films such as 20000 leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the centre of the earth. I still love all that old nonsense

Here is one of the first pieces in this style a Wyvern Dragon, simple sweet and effective I can make pretty much any dragon in this style.
I dont keep these  in stock but am happy to make more of them. I can even use your own bike parts. Price £70.00

dragon sculpture small

Following typical evolutionary patterns these soon learned to stand upright and yes, they started fighting, and named themselves Daemons.
Does anybody remember the Harpies on Jason and The Argonauts?
Again none in stock but materials are available; priced around £85.00
I have always fancied making a Chess Set in this style

small steel sculpture
steam punk art

Then there was an infestation of bugs using old typewriter type heads as feet
Starting with Ants, at this scale around 200mm long £50.00 each , these can be fitted with wall mountings if desired.
These work very well in small groups, there is a toilet in Sweden infested with them and a great big spider over the toilet itself.

metal ant sculpture
ants sculpture

Of course the ants grew bigger, these are around 300mm long priced at £95.00each.

metal ants sculpture

After a nearby radiation leak these grew still larger, here is Momma Ant, she guards my workshop and is for sale at £600

Giant metal ant

After Ants came centipedes
I have made a few of these using motorcycle chain and old tools with typewriter parts as legs.
£160.00 each I do have one of these in stock.Fully articulated and prone to typing random verse on ceilings at night

steel sculpture centipede

These pieces grew larger in scale and more interesting in style
This piece was inspired by a Venetian Plague Doctor Mask, scary enough when I made him a few years ago, I was very pleased with him. Sold

steam punk plague doctor sculpture
metal art

An old favourite, made out of old motorcycle chain and tools, I was especially pleased with his head and hat;  Prince of Darkness  based on the actor Terry Thomas, he always played real cads, charming but unsavoury.
Sold but can be recreated for around £850

steam punk art
recycled metal sculpture

The Sentinel here was made as a private commission to illuminate somebody's reading corner so a one off, similar pieces to order around £650.00

Steam Punk lamp

This is an area of work that I particularly enjoy, a chance to let the imagination run free,  commissions in this style can be great fun for both me as an artist and for my customer as the sculpture comes together

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