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Artinsteel sculpture in the home

Almost all of the pictures I have show my sculptures in my workshop, which does not; I feel show them in their best light. So here is a gallery of pictures taken in my home. I am trying here to give a feel for how sculpture can integrate into a home environment

I live in a Victorian Terraced house that was; when first I moved in a symphony of artex, gold chandeliers and imitation marble . Once it was redecorated I felt like putting my stamp on it properly

DNA sculpture

DNA sculpture. I have two alcoves either side of the chimney breasts, not especially useful spaces. I was asked to make a 2.4m DNA sculpture for a customer I was so pleased with it that I made myself one.

This hangs on a wire and |I realised that if I wind it up gently it will slowly spin and reverse itself until the tension is gone from the wire.

A glass of wine, the right music and decent lighting and the tension is gone from the viewer as well. A very meditative and relaxing experience. I get hypnotized by the interplay between shadow, light and form. (Sound is a bit murky, the joy of open mics)

Then I started playing with lighting. This was an unexpected treat.
Music is Spiegel Im Spiegel by Arvo Part.

A use for the other alcove.
I wanted a nice uplighter I could not find one that I liked, but had an old insulator from a high tension cable lying around as you do. I have always been fascinated by Mad Scientist Nikola Tesla so made myself a lamp inspired by his work. I can possibly make similar pieces in this style to commission.

steam punk lamp

Then I wanted a spot light for the other corner.
No idea what inspired this one but I wanted a moveable head and a light weight structure. A nice result that has been well received. I am looking at making custom versions of these to order

designer lamp

The head of the lamp swivels around to allow use as an uplighter or spotlamp.

contemporary lighting

What to do with the empty chimney breast?
Years ago I was asked to make a giant Pentagram, I had a spare set of components stashed away for future use, just the right size and goes well with the colour scheme.
I am now planning on having a set of different symbols that can be changed according to mood or visitors.
This type of thing can be made to order price around the £650 mark depending on complexity

wall mounted sculpture

Then there was an empty alcove in the other room.
Chain Girl had been hanging about at work for ages, and fitted in perfectly.
She is for sale at £1100 (I have her sister at work)

human form sculpture
steel sculpture

An old favourite.
I stumbled across an image of a chameleon skeleton on the internet, and hung it on the wall of my studio. Over the next three years I tinkered and abandoned it until one day I had the urge to finish him. A stupid amount of work. Not really for sale but if I was offered enough possibly. I do have a half finished dinosaur in The Box at work ....

art sculpture
animal sculpture

What to do with coats? I'm a sculptor; damned if I'm paying for Ikea coat hooks.
Years back I made a sculpture with hands the wrong size. Rescued from The Box they make very fine coat hooks. I can remake these at £45.00 each.

bespoke coat hooks
coat hook

So there we are, some ideas to show how sculpture can fit into a home environment.
I am currently working on a couple of other personal projects, more on these when work slows up again.

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