For many years I have been making sculptures to go on walls, whether indoors or outside.|

The most popular of these have been based on stylised drawings of plants, especially seedheads.
The first set were made for a lady in Herefordshire, to make a feature of a rather boring extension on her forest cottage. Some of them were inspired by artworks found on the internet and some were to her own designs.
One of the features I like about this work is the extra depth when the artworks cast shadows on the walls, and the way the shadow changes as the sun crosses the sky.

First picture shows the centre of her collection in the sun. An exciting hour or two as we ran about with the individual pieces to see where they would fit best. At this point I had to congratulate her having the vision to come up with this brave idea. Stunning is; I think, the word

Next picture shows the whole collection in the mist, just before the sun came out. We were all stunned by the extra depth and contrast offered by the shadow play. This has since become a large part of my work

Then we have a more recent collection in this style, but in a more compact space and artificially lit. Picture supplied by a customer. It'so rare that I get sent pictures of work after it is rehomed.

I have made many pieces in this style and always enjoy making them. The possibilities are I think endless.
A few ideas, Rain Forest scene? Underwater scene? cityscape?
Anything is possible
I look forward to hearing your ideas.

I have also made screens to make a feature of walls both indoors and out.
The first of these are based on my paragliding adventures and are used to hide my ugly shed. On the left paragliding in The Brecon beacons, on the right the approach to Doussard Landing Field in the French Alps. Very personal, and also functional
These can be made to suit any needs and on any scale.

Next we have the view from a customers kitchen window in the Yorkshire Dales, with her pair of Labradoodles just visible in the foreground, photo taken in her house as she cant often see the view.

She also wanted a Seahorse to go in her bathroom. Again, very personal but this is what commissioning art is all about.

Then back to my borderline obsession with marine life.
A carp made for a keen angler pictured on his home in Provence. Nice

Next a couple of musically themed sculptures
First a banjo and stave of music, the banjo can be removed for boozy late night air banjo sessions,. Made as an engagement present for a musical boyfriend.
Next to it a piece of music that is playable made by a musician friend as part of a sculpture class.

Once I moved to Wales it was not long until I was asked to make a Welsh dragon

Measures 1.1m long, made in mild steel with details applied using the Mig welder. Currently unfinished can be rusted or powder coated to suit.. This piece can be scaled up or down to suit. Price £550 at this size.

Shadow Casters, inspired by the effects of the wall mounted plants, these are handmade plasma cutouts of Crows and magpies. A great way to make a feature of as boring wall.
£65.00 for crows £70.00 magpies. The crows are based on my own photographs. I can make other pieces in the same style. A lovely photo supplied by a customer

Here is what I hope is the start of a new body of work. Made for a customer but I had to make one for myself. I like the idea of using symbology around the home. I am planning several of these for my house. Much better than a corny black and white photo of a dreary landscape or vintage cityscape.
At this scale around £600 depending on complexity. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Lastly an idea from another sculpture class. Doone Storey and his wife Diane wanted to celebrate the peaks of the Lake district in a Three Dimensional sculpture and came up with this beautiful piece. I forget which peak is which but they can all be identified by experts.
A fabulous piece of work I would love to develop, especially on  a large scale. The original measures about 600mm tall
I admit to being stunned by this piece of work.
Surely the National Parks must need large scale versions of this sort of thing.

So there we have an introduction to wall mounted sculptures. As usual with my practice the best work comes as a result of my helping to interpret somebody else's idea.
Do please contact me to discuss your needs. Nothing is impossible.

contact Alan Ross
075905 80853

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