As a child my ambition was to be a marine biologist or a scientist of some sort.
This led to a life long interest in sea life and the sciences, as a child all I did was go fishing. An activity I have just restarted.
Once I started dabbling in sculpture I was making fish.
An interesting aside here. It seems that most metal sculptors start on fish; I think because they are basically two dimensional and have shapes that are fairly easy to realise in the materials used.
My fish sculptures are in two basic styles, simplified and enlarged for mostly outdoor use and more intricate delicate shapes for indoors.
I have made many many of these, here are a few examples with guideline prices.

The larger examples would make great statement pieces for commercial fisheries and fish farms the smaller ones go down well in restaurants. Either could easily be adapted to be used as signs

My most recent commission
A Barbel 2.4m long for a campsite on The River Severn (my old stamping ground) sadly I never landed a barbel but I could dream. One of the kings of the River.
This was galvanized to give a life long finish that will never rust.
At this scale we are looking at around £2200 the galvanizing is an extra but well worth considering.
Picture above was taken as I headed off to Bridgnorth to deliver him. We did get noticed on the roads.

Next up is the Sunfish this example is naturally oxidized; a finish I am very fond of, maintenance free and see how it changes in the evening light, beautiful. Possibly my favorite image of a piece of my work.

And from the side about half an hour earlier

The Common Carp has been very popular, this is a small one that lives on my workshop door showing how they can be wall mounted. Priced at £350.
I would love to make a big one of these.
Are there any carp anglers or fishery owners out there?

These are just a few examples of work in this style, I have made many more if there is something you would like please contact me.

Then of course there is my Seahorse,  he now lives in America and has been very popular over the years, standing about 2.9m tall priced around £3500 depending on size.
There is another one of these stood outside Aldi in Clacton on Sea

Then we move onto the smaller anatomical fishes; I have made many of these over the years

These are very fiddly to make as they are brazed together using brass filler rod, one mistake and it goes in the scrap box. No room for error but a lovely contrast of materials.

These are priced around the £700 mark depending on complexity.

First, Melanocetus Johnsonni, aka The Common Black Devil one of the deep sea Angler fish
This one was Mine but I was persuaded to sell her, she is badly missed.

Then we have Calophryne Pennibarbata another deep sea Angler fish and yes she got away as well.

Last up is the John Dory aka The St Peter Fish so called because it is alleged that the spot on the side is the thumb print of St Peter.  Another one that got away.

Lastly another irrelevant aside
Deep Sea Anglers could be the ultimate feminists.
They live independently, the male is a small parasitic being who exists for one purpose only and can be jettisoned at will. Some of the females carry several males around at a time. And of course the females can easily bite off more than they can chew.

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