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Steel sculptures stock items

I don't really carry very much stock as almost all of my work is made to commission; but during quiet periods I do like to keep busy and explore new ideas. All the pieces on this page are available for sale right now. I am also able to make similar pieces to your needs whether scaled up or down or modified in some way

Two pieces to make a feature of an open outdoor space.
Both of these are priced at £1800 each;  made in oxidised mild steel for a maintenance free finish.

Humpback Whale sounding
This stands around 1.8m tall and captures the moment before the whale submerges.

whale sculpture

Orca broaching; the moment the Orca's dorsal fin emerges from the sea, inspired by Inuit traditional art, about 1.8m long

whale sculpture

Seven Pointed Star of Westeros from Game Of thrones series.
This is made of Valerian Steel (honestly) measures just over 1m on a side and interleaved by hand. it stands proud of the wall to cast a bold shadow when lit. Priced at £700


Flames of Hope
Inspired by the state of the world. We all need hope at all times.
these are cold formed from mild steel strip and galvanized, but can be supplied in rusted finish if desired.
The large ones can be made up to 3.5m tall and are £600 each. the smaller ones are made in pairs and are £650 per pair.
These are strong durable items, and can be used to train creepers or as plant supports and would also look great with led lights fitted

Chain Girl

Made of hand made mild steel rings. she is a very bold and strong figure, and when well lit casts a strong shadow on the wall, I can make various versions, please ask for more details.
The top picture
a customer image of the most recent version in her new home.
Priced at £1100

steel sculpture for home

Jazz guitarist, modelled in the classic laid back jazz posture priced at £1150. I have made many musicians in this style. Oxidised mild steel 1.7m tall

musician sculpture

And busking with his saxophonist friend

musical sculpture

Roe deer a simple outline inspired by Neolithic Cave art. Stands around 1.2m tall
In stock £450.00.  A herd of deer would make a great addition to a large open space I am happy to make other pieces in this style.

deer sculpture

The Giants Key.  Made in oxidised mild steel
Around 2.4m long, one key you cant possible lose   £950.00

garden sculpture

Trilobite; Dicranurus Monstrosus. My favourite Trilobite.
Around 300mm long I will polish him before despatch

trilobite sculpture

Centipede in a Steam Punk Style.
Made out of a motorcycle chain, typewriter and old tools. 800mm long and fully articulated.  Rumour has it he comes to life at night  and types poetry all over the walls £450.00
I have made quite a few pieces in this style, sadly all the rest  have escaped.

steam punk art

Lowrie Style Mum and Toddler. Galvanized mild steel standing 1.5m tall. £550. 
I made a large collection in this style for a school and kept these two back. They are currently living outside my house waving at the street during Lockdown. There were all sorts of characters in the original order.

Human figure metal sculpture

I always have some of these in stock, whether climbing or going about their business. I can also custom make these to order at short notice as gifts etc. Here we have a Banjo Player, Climber and Phone holder (I was sick of losing my phone in the studio)
Price around £65.00 depending on spec.

steel sculpture
wall climber sculpture
phone holder
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