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I don't really carry very stock as almost all of my work is made to commission; but during quiet periods I do like to keep busy and explore new ideas. All the pieces on this page are available for sale right now. I am also able to make similar pieces to your needs whether scaled up or down or modified in some way

Two pieces to make a feature of an open outdoor space.
Both of these are priced at £1800 each;  made in oxidised mild steel for a maintenance free finish.

Humpback Whale sounding
This stands around 1.8m tall and captures the moment before the whale submerges.

Orca broaching; the moment the Orca's dorsal fin emerges from the sea, inspired by Inuit traditional art, about 1.8m long

Chain Girl and Chain Girl pregnant a mix of simple and complex structures made up of small rings draped over the body. Life sized
Both in stock and £1100 each

Jazz guitarist, modelled in the classic laid back jazz posture priced at £1150. I have made many musicians in this style. Oxidised mild steel 1.7m tall

And busking with his saxophonist friend

Roe deer a simple outline inspired by Neolithic Cave art. Stands around 1.2m tall
In stock £450.00.  A herd of deer would make a great addition to a large open space I am happy to make other pieces in this style.

The Giants Key.  Made in oxidised mild steel
Around 2.4m long, one key you cant possible lose   £950.00

Trilobite; Dicranurus Monstrosus. My favourite Trilobite.
Around 300mm long I will polish him before despatch

Centipede in a Steam Punk Style.
Made out of a motorcycle chain, typewriter and old tools. 800mm long and fully articulated.  Rumour has it he comes to life at night  and types poetry all over the walls £450.00
I have made quite a few pieces in this style, sadly all the rest  have escaped.

Lowrie Style Mum and Toddler. Galvanized mild steel standing 1.5m tall. £550. 
I made a large collection in this style for a school and kept these two back. They are currently living outside my house waving at the street during Lockdown. There were all sorts of characters in the original order.

I always have some of these in stock, whether climbing or going about their business. I can also custom make these to order at short notice as gifts etc. Here we have a Banjo Player, Climber and Phone holder (I was sick of losing my phone in the studio)
Price around £65.00 depending on spec.

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