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For several years now I have been running sculpture for beginners classes.
I have a background in education and training so this links into my past. I do have third party insurance covering all of the activities on offer
The courses can be one or two days long; I always suggest two days as it avoids the feeling of pressure to keep up to speed and allows time to explore the techniques and materials on offer.


I have a professionally equipped workshop and am able to offer a chance to practice welding, plasma cutting and general metal forming skills. There are also well stocked boxes of bits and bobs for finishing touches.  Participants are of course welcome to bring along their own components to incorporate in their work.

I am happy working with complete beginners, a lot of people are intimidated by the techniques involved in working with steel, but in actual fact they are methods of working that are fairly simple to pick up the basics of.  Most people are welding comfortably within a few minutes.
Here is Kate Mig welding part way through her first day.  Great stance, getting nice and close to the work piece and looking very confident.

sculpture class for beginners

And Christine seconds after finishing her first welding exercise. The photo says it all really; a new skill coming together.

metal sculpture course

Once we have got to grips with welding it might be time to look at Plasma Cutting. This is the exciting one, lots of sparks and drama as it slices up steel like butter.

Here is Karolin cutting out some fish for one of her sculptures.
She came over from Germany on a mystery tour, she knew it was arts related but had no idea what was in store. She went home with a shopping list including plasma cutter, welder and a 4x4m shed. An expensive trip.
She now has a small business making sculptures at home

steel sculpture course

I used to have a formatted programme with predesigned projects to be making.  I can still offer this service but these days we design the project as part of the day leading to some amazing creations giving the students ownership of their project.  I also get some good ideas from the work produced.

Here are Amaya and Russell with their amazing Dali Helicopter Girl sculpture and fish. Helicopter Girl even has a rotating crown.
We were all delighted watching helicopter girl come together with no plans or drawings.
I may even have to revisit Dali stylings sometime in the future.

beginners sculpture class

The Doornan family came on mass, as a way of introducing two new Boyfriends to Mum and Dad, a brilliant icebreaker, again some great results.
I can see a break like this working well for new arty couples.

Family sculpture class

Dawn and her husband came along not sure what to make and ended up with a plus life sized drummer and vocalist based on a photo of them performing.  A great result in two days.

sculpture workshop for beginners

I had two young men come along as a birthday treat.
Here are Archie and Bertie using my Metalcraft tool to bend some steel strip and then welding up a barbecue.

sculpture class for youngsters

All nerves gone by the second picture.

sculpture class school age

Costs for the classes are £300 per day for 1:1 work and another £80 per extra person. I only take groups known to each other; this avoids problems with group dynamics and ensures an enjoyable experience for all parties. Maximum group size is around six members.
I can supply overalls and PPE; but do wear old clothes.

This is an area of work that I really enjoy, watching somebody get to grips with what are harsh, aggressive hot materials and techniques is peculiarly satisfying.  I remember being scared of some of it myself when I first started

I am happy taking bookings at short notice, and have no problems with rescheduling them at short notice.  None of that 'you have booked it; you are stuck with it nonsense'.

For more information feel free contact me anytime

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